Herbal knowledge keeper, indeed! D’Coda is an exceptional herbalist. She lived alone in the woods for a full decade, where she became fluent in the language of the forest. I love that she sees parallels between the “world wide web” and the networked relationships that make up a thriving forest ecosystem.
We met at the Moonflower Herbfest in Austin, TX in October, 2016. She was running around with a laptop, excitedly introducing people to her Ultimate Herbal Database she’s made. I found it thrilling. It’s exactly how my mind works, too! It’s built on mind map software, linking all kinds of herbal knowledge and information in a giant web. And she’s included me on there!
D’Coda asked me to appear as a guest on her online TV show – The Herbal Knowledge Keepers – to talk about herbalism in Germany. There turned out to be technical difficulties and  I had to spend much of the show as the only one online! D’Coda warned me upfront that this might happen, saying it was a test of my bravery. At first I was a little disappointed that the show did not go as planned. When a friend watched it later, though, she said she was really impressed that even as things went haywire, I handled the situation with “style, grace and substance”. That shifted my perspective and now I think this is the ultimate video host audition tape! Watch it here and then hire me to make videos…
Because we didn’t really get to have the conversation we wanted to have, D’Coda has invited me to come back on the show on March 21st. If you’d like to watch live, so you can ask question and participate in the conversation, tune in between 11am and 1 pm Central Time.

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