fundraiser: a film about herbs!

Tish Streeten, the maker of the wonderful herb movie “Juliette of the Herbs”, is raising money for a new movie called “Tulsi: Queen of Herbs”. I can’t wait to see it!

To support the production of the film click here to go to the indiegogo page.

I can’t embed the video, but I think if you click on the “watch on Vimeo” button below you can see the trailer, right?

TulsiTrailer2 from Tish Streeten on Vimeo.

share: Dr. Lad movie trailer

I am so excited to see this! Dr. Lad is such a wonderful person. Taking a weekend workshop from him has been one of the highlights of my herbal education. I even wrote a blog post about it. It’s nice just to be around him. I’m sure I’ll get a surge of inspiration from seeing the full film.

Dr. Lad Documentary Trailer from Substratum Films on Vimeo.

resource: Diamond G Forest Products

I just heard about this company, Diamond G Forest Products. If I were still in the US, I’m sure I’d order from them at some point. They make pine products like rosin, gum, turpentine, turpentine soap, even salve! Looks like they are good small producers, focused on quality and being decent humans.

Look at this one product they sell – a pine rosin baked potato set up! They say the very best way to cook potatoes is in a big pot of molten pine rosin! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

photo album: Form Follows Flower

Here’s a photo album from a recent visit to the “Form Follows Flower” exhibit currently running at the Kunstgewerbemuseum here in Berlin.

youtube: Reishi

Well, I tried to make a podcast episode and don’t know how to do that yet. I ended up with a youtube video that is an hour and twenty eight minutes long, when the audio is only thirteen minutes. Hmmm. My New Year’s resolution is to make a video or podcast every day. They will get better! Learning by doing.