Classes I’ve Taught

HERB CLASSES This is a list of all of the classes I have taught. I’d gladly teach any of the below classes again, or create a custom class just for you! Getting to Know the Culinary HerbsHow can you incorporate herbs into your cooking in order to support wellness? Meet the plant families that have […]

Herbalism Foundation Series

These six herbalism classes will empower you with the knowledge to use herbs for wellness more effectively and with confidence. They can be taken as a series or you can attend individual classes. Understanding HerbsWhat does the taste of an herb tell us about how it will act in the body? We’ll do a tea […]

Listen: Austin Materia Medica

This is a talk I made for the Moonflower Festival in Austin, Texas.

Infused Oils, Alcohol Intermediary Method

This comes up over and over again – the weird way that I make my infused oils. I learned the method from Michael Moore. He made Arnica Salve for us in class one day, starting with recently dried arnica. Grind the freshly-dried herb in a coffee grinder. It doesn’t need to be finely ground, just broken […]

The Five Tibetans

We’ve been doing the Five Tibetans lately and it’s been awesome. It’s helped me get back into a groove. I think the first one is particularly ingenious. The series of five exercises starts with spinning. It’s so easy and fun that it leads me in, reduces the threshold to getting started. Doing the same set […]


When I started my last blog, I listed my intentions. It helped me frame what I was doing, and it also made it clear when I had changed so much that my intentions had shifted. There is some overlap, but my intentions in having a blog are different now. Before I had a list, now […]

Book Review: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

This book was recommended to me several times by different people in quick succession. I figured I may as well take the advice. It was autumn and I was looking forward to winter. It was part of what appealed to me about moving to Berlin in the first place: long, dark winters that gave me […]