I’ve posted my photo album from my trip to Istanbul, along with a fourth one of Berlin. What an incredible city Istanbul is! So dense with aesthetic delights, so layered. I like to go to museums and look at very old things. I like to imagine living in the worlds where these things were used. […]

how to not mind the cold so much

18 winters in Austin, and I was moving to Berlin. “But how will you endure the winter?” everyone asked. Before Austin, I spent a traumatic winter in Minneapolis, the worst cold snap on record. For 3 weeks straight, the temperature (with windchill, but that’s how it feels) stayed below 30 degrees below zero. Celsius or […]

Connemara Seaweed Baths

My top priority for my trip to Ireland was to go soak in a seaweed bath. I grew up in Connecticut, only an hour or so from ocean water. For as long as I can remember I’ve longed to cuddle up in the bubbled seaweed, but it’s also been so cold and sandy. When I […]


It’s such a gentle, kind, reassuring plant. I so enjoy sitting with it and letting it calm me. One night I drunkenly stumbled into the yard and it waved in the breeze, inviting me to sit. It told me it has been with me always before and will be with me for the always to […]

german in the bath

I mentioned in a previous post that I was having an impossible time finding my trusty epsom salts here in Berlin. Well, an amazon order and a series of shipping snafus later, I finally received my giant bucket from a German bulk salt vendor. Ever a multi-tasker, I quickly developed an epsom salt bath/Pimsleur language […]