Yoga Nidra

When I’m tired and when I’m not sleeping well, my favorite remedy is yoga nidra, usually in the afternoon. It feels like super napping. I arrange a nest for myself of blankets and pillows, preparing to stay entirely still in a supremely comfortable position. I find a recording on youtube or choose one from the […]

thank you, negative mind

Here’s one of the handiest mental tricks I’ve ever learned. I was taking an Introduction to Kundalini Yoga class. In one session we learned about the 12 bodies. Three of them were mind-bodies. They were the positive mind, the neutral mind and the negative mind. Each of the three could be excess, deficient or in […]


This growing season three friends and I shared a plot at a community garden, and not just any community garden, but Bauerngarten – a brilliant, amazing, dream-come-true community garden. The genius behind this project is a young man named Max. I want to share his model with the world because I think it is so […]

general principles

Many years ago I was flipping through a magazine (I honestly can’t remember if it was a fashion magazine or Playboy or Parade or what) and there were short bios of a few women – a photo, a name, a hometown, some likes, some dislikes and a motto. I remember wondering how one comes to […]

The Five Tibetans

We’ve been doing the Five Tibetans lately and it’s been awesome. It’s helped me get back into a groove. I think the first one is particularly ingenious. The series of five exercises starts with spinning. It’s so easy and fun that it leads me in, reduces the threshold to getting started. Doing the same set […]

my dead cat, Scooter

I was lying on the couch resting on All Soul’s Day, pondering death. My eyes were closed, and I could feel the weight on my chest of the sense memory of my dear, departed cat Scooter. I remembered when I had been lying exactly so on my couch back in Austin, and I had to […]

what I love about herbalism

When I was making the decision to go to herb school I felt strongly that it was an opportunity not to be taken lightly. If I were to be one of the lucky few to receive the honor of studying with Michael Moore, then I had be sure that this was a path I could […]