herb infused oils, alcohol intermediary method

This comes up over and over again – the weird way that I make my infused oils. I learned the method from Michael Moore. He made Arnica Salve for us in class one day, starting with recently dried arnica. 1. Grind the freshly-dried herb in a coffee grinder. It doesn’t need to be finely ground, […]

my interview on “Herbal Knowledge Keepers”

Herbal knowledge keeper, indeed! D’Coda is an exceptional herbalist. She lived alone in the woods for a full decade, where she became fluent in the language of the forest. I love that she sees parallels between the “world wide web” and the networked relationships that make up a thriving forest ecosystem. We met at the […]

calming herbs

Q: I’m freaked out about politics. Are there herbs for that? A: And how! If you are having a hard time, I encourage you to lean heavily on your herb friends. They will be there for you! Note: I want to say that I am directing this piece to a particular person. This friend of […]


Skullcap is one of those herbs I’ve seen around but never gotten to know very well, like a neighbor you recognize but have never actually spoken with. It doesn’t grow very well in Austin, so I’ve never grown it or gathered it fresh. And there are so many other options for calming herbs that I […]

general principles

Many years ago I was flipping through a magazine (I honestly can’t remember if it was a fashion magazine or Playboy or Parade or what) and there were short bios of a few women – a photo, a name, a hometown, some likes, some dislikes and a motto. I remember wondering how one comes to […]

My Dream

When I was still in Austin, my working name for it was “Lindheimer Apothecary” but now I think of it as “Berlin Herb Studio”. It’s my dream for how I’d like to focus my life’s work. It’s based on a place called Wesleyan Potters. From the time I was about 5 years old until after […]

flax in my eye

Something I love about herbalism: no matter how much I learn, there is always another phenomenally effective home remedy hiding in plain sight. I was getting ready for a trip to the Rhineland, looking forward to making my pilgrimage to the abbey of Hildegard von Bingen, and I noticed that I had a stye coming […]

Milk Thistle Seed

I’ve been taking milk thistle seed for several weeks now. Thumbs up. It’s been one of those herbs I’ve felt I’ve taken on faith. I’ve consumed plenty of it, recommended it to other people, but was never certain I’d actually FELT its effects. I was studying my notes for the many iterations I’ve taken of […]

A visit to the Rhineland

I spent a weekend in Mittelrheintal, a region of vineyards and castles, wine and tourists. I went to the history museum in Bingen to check out the St. Hildegard exhibit and it turned out they also have the grave goods from a 2nd century surgeon. Really interesting stuff. I’ve posted my photo album here. The […]

the remembering problem

I put the herbs in the teapot on autopilot, then stopped and thought “wait a minute, what was this blend to treat?” I checked and realized that problem is gone. (By the way, rooibos as a simple really seems to have stopped an eczema flare for me, interesting…) And this happens all the time. I […]