Thought Bubbles

Winter. The days are short and cold. I’m sick and cooped up indoors, sorting through old things, reading, writing, thinking. My ponderings become kaleidoscopic, everything relates to everything. Where does one idea begin and another end? A particular moment comes back to me, over and over again. It was my first day working in a […]

healthier than before

Q: Are you healthier than you were before you started all this natural healing stuff? A: My immediate answer was “Yes! I used to have eczema on my hands so bad I had to quit my job at a plant nursery. And I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now.” Both of those things […]

Milk Thistle Seed

I’ve been taking milk thistle seed for several weeks now. Thumbs up. It’s been one of those herbs I’ve felt I’ve taken on faith. I’ve consumed plenty of it, recommended it to other people, but was never certain I’d actually FELT its effects. I was studying my notes for the many iterations I’ve taken of […]

soft foods

Q: What should I eat after oral surgery? They are saying I’ll need to be on a soft foods diet for a while. Any ideas? A: This is actually the topic that inspired me to start this blog. I had orthognathic surgery (a type of oral surgery where they cut my jaw bones in several […]


Q: Ack! Chiggers! A: This is an area where I feel I can speak with great authority. Unfortunately, as a leader of plant walks in Texas, I got lots of opportunity to get feedback from people about what herbs worked for them for chiggers. I made a chart and collected data and got it down […]

peeling the onion, layer four

Continued from layer three Back in the analog days I used to get my nutritional information from books I would buy in health food stores. That must be how I first learned that someday I should do an elimination diet, to figure out my food sensitivities. Dr. Zbylot encouraged it in 1999. Then Michael Moore […]

red pepper

I’ve been getting to be closer friends with red pepper in the previous month. It’s like one of those people you see around all the time, maybe chat with now and again, but don’t take the time to really sit down with and get to know. It’s been on my list ever since I went […]

my dead cat, Scooter

I was lying on the couch resting on All Soul’s Day, pondering death. My eyes were closed, and I could feel the weight on my chest of the sense memory of my dear, departed cat Scooter. I remembered when I had been lying exactly so on my couch back in Austin, and I had to […]


Hazel is the plant that has most enthusiastically welcomed me to Europe. In my first days in Berlin, I took this photo and posted it on Facebook, asking if anyone knew what it was. I quickly figured out for myself that it is Turkish Hazel: Corylus colurna. It’s a fairly common street tree here in […]

for the love of wisdom

I was about 11, and my mom was concerned about my impending Ophelia years. She was thinking ahead, trying to figure out how she was going to help me get through pubescence without losing my sense of self. She read an article in the newspaper about Dungeons & Dragons and went out immediately to buy […]