Q: I’ve gotten really inflexible in the past few years. What can I do to become more limber again? A: The first thing I’d look at is making sure that your tissues are warm and moist enough. Are you getting exercise intense enough to warm your body up and get the fluids flowing? Are you […]

soft foods

Q: What should I eat after oral surgery? They are saying I’ll need to be on a soft foods diet for a while. Any ideas? A: This is actually the topic that inspired me to start this blog. I had orthognathic surgery (a type of oral surgery where they cut my jaw bones in several […]

how to not mind the cold so much

18 winters in Austin, and I was moving to Berlin. “But how will you endure the winter?” everyone asked. Before Austin, I spent a traumatic winter in Minneapolis, the worst cold snap on record. For 3 weeks straight, the temperature (with windchill, but that’s how it feels) stayed below 30 degrees below zero. Celsius or […]

there is no such thing as “good for you”

Q: Is (a particular food) good for you? A: Argh. I know you are asking a quick yes/no question, but I can’t answer in good conscience with anything but an essay. First off, the whole question of whether something is good for you is about the relationship between you and the thing. Goodness does not […]