Setting Intentions

When I am beginning a project I like to take a moment to set my intentions. Later, when things get messy and tangled, as they inevitably do, it’s helpful to be able to come back and check if I’m on the course I initially set. So, here they are, my intentions in creating this blog.

1. I want to be findable and somewhat knowable on the internet, so that if someone sees an announcement that I will be teaching a class, they can check if I seem like a teacher they would enjoy.

2. I want to share the story of my personal health journey. I have found it invaluable to read about other people’s personal experiences with disease and health and want to return the favor.

3. I want to share my unique herbalism, as a means of personal expression and as an offering to the world.

4. My great-grandfather wrote “Read with an intent of writing about what you read.” I want to use this format to synthesize the information I take in.

5. I want to have clearly written answers to frequently asked questions.

6. I want to challenge myself to be more transparent, more honest about who I am.

7. I want to be responsive, to meet the needs that others express. Please, let me know if there is something you would like me to write about!


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