peeling the onion, layer two

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When the results of my food allergy test came back, I was overwhelmed. How could I be sensitive to so many foods? What was I supposed to eat? I saw Dr. Zbylot again and the nutritionist he referred me too, but my heart wasn’t in it. A rotation diet of such a limited list of foods? No way. He had already told me that if I healed my gut it was possible that I could stop being so reactive and that in a later test I may have fewer sensitivities. I decided I was going to heal up my gut without their onerous protocol.

I’m going to a real herbalist! I was already a huge fan of Michael Moore’s books, and I knew that there were a couple few folks in town who had been to his school and decided I would turn to them for help. Ginger Webb and Nicole Telkes were both fairly recent graduates of SWSBM back then, in 2000 or 2001. I know their herbalisms have evolved since, but at the time they both still practiced like fairly orthodox “Moore-ons.” (In the last week of school when I attended, we asked him what the proper term was for his students. Moorites? Moorians? He said he had always hoped “Moore-ons” would catch on. I mean no offense, and use the term to honor his wishes.)

It was during this time that my belief in herbalism went from faith-based to empirical. There was absolutely no doubt that the eczema on my hands receded when I took my constitution-based, custom tincture and that it flared back up when I ran out. I became absolutely strict about taking my formula as directed. Except I wouldn’t take anything that had burdock in it. It repulsed me, made me gag. Of course now I consider it to be my primary constitutional ally. Both Ginger and Nicole were absolutely right that it was what I needed.

I learned an important lesson then. You’ll hear this idea floating around that the body seeks balance, that we are drawn what heals us. The thing is, we are also drawn to our worst poisons. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, one of those eternal mysteries worthy of infinite contemplation. What we crave points to what is best for us or what is worst for us. What we avoid works the same way. A huge piece of wisdom is being able to distinguish the one from the other. I was repelled by my best ally. I was only ready for so much healing. These things take time.

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