Miracle Cures

1. There are no miracle cures. If there were, we’d just use the cure and we’d all be well and the healers could hang it up and do something different. We wouldn’t spend years studying and going to conferences and emailing each other on lists trying to figure out how to help people.

2. My teacher, Michael Moore, would say that sometimes something can seem like a miracle cure because just focusing one’s attention on getting better helps so much and sometimes a shift, any shift, can give such relief. It’s easy when this happens to think that you’ve found the simple answer and run around telling everyone that this one thing is it. Usually, though, the effect wears off and a year later you’re seeking again.

3. Impossible things happen. I think of Bruce Lee. It is impossible to do one-handed push-ups while supported on just thumbs and forefingers. But, somehow, with enough training and focus, one can learn to harness the flow of chi and it becomes possible to do the physically impossible.

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