the most important thing

I’ve had some interesting conversations lately, some with long-lost friends and some with fresh acquaintances. Both require a sort of quick self-summary from me. When I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a blog about healing I’m surprised how interested people are. They want to know what I’m trying to say here.

It amazes me how encouraging they are when I say that I think that the way medicine is approached in our society requires us to leave half of ourselves behind. We have to leave the emotional and spiritual aside to be taken seriously and participate in this charade of objectivity. Anybody who is paying attention at all knows it is a false paradigm. We know we have transcendent experiences. We know that the aesthetic realm matters. We know that love matters.

A medicine without spirit is not just incomplete, it’s incorrect. How can we participate in the lie that a half-person does better healing work than a whole one? It’s nonsensical, ridiculous, absurd. “Yes! Yes!” they say. “Write that!” Even the scientist, even the nursing student. Even people with no particular interest in medicine. They want me to ask: Why do we whisper the truth and shout the lies? Enough.

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