a month without internet

When I first conceived of this post, I thought/hoped it would be called “a week without internet”. A week went by and I thought “a fortnight without internet” would be rather unwieldy. At three weeks, I almost hoped for a nice, round number. And I got it. A month exactly. As my partner says, it’s almost reassuring to know that telecommunications companies are so universally awful. I suppose it provides some constancy in our lives, even though we’ve moved across an ocean and so many other aspects of life have changed so much. It’s much easier to work on this blog online. If I had realized from the beginning how long of a break it would be, I probably would have written offline anyway. But I kept thinking tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Then every (working) day, another reason why they still couldn’t fix our internet. Before I knew it, over a month had passed since I had posted.

I don’t think I’ve ever not appreciated the internet. I already knew that I love it for getting quick answers to questions, communicating with friends and family, listening to music, watching videos, researching, storing and presenting my ideas and photos. I didn’t really need the reminder to just how indispensable it has become in my life. Without it I felt cut off from the world, limited in the work I could get done. I realized, though, that I had a little bit of relief that I could avoid going forward with this blog. You see, I hate to say anything negative or contrary and I feel I really must. There is so much terrible health advice on the internet, and I have a whole series of posts planned to counter it. I’m a little uncomfortable about that, but I think it must be done. Yikes.

Another thing that happened is that somehow in the back of my brain I kept working on the problem I was having with how to organize and present my photos. Finally, in the last week without internet, it came to me! Now that I’m back online, I created a page on here with links to all of my photo albums. I made a link to it on the right side of this blog (—>), so it is always easily accessible. The photos are still on facebook, which I love (among other reasons) to use for organizing and labeling photos. But this way, people who don’t have facebook accounts can see them, too.

So, mostly I just wanted to explain my absence. Technical difficulties, that’s all. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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