I’ve posted my photo album from my trip to Istanbul, along with a fourth one of Berlin. What an incredible city Istanbul is! So dense with aesthetic delights, so layered.

I like to go to museums and look at very old things. I like to imagine
living in the worlds where these things were used. I like to imagine
what my role would be if I were in these other societies, and which of
these things would be mine. Sometimes I’m a cook, sometimes I tend
animals, sometimes plants, sometimes I make potions and salves, or read
fortunes from entrails or embalm bodies. Sometimes I’m a priestess or a
potter. I walk around these museums of ancient objects with my heart open,
listening for any that call to me. The little glass bottles seem to
sing particularly loudly. I imagine myself blending scents, massaging
people with fragrant oils.

I went to this Hamam
to steam and get scrubbed. Open since 1481. Unfortunately the fragrant
potion the woman anointed me with was regular old Suave shampoo…
Nonetheless, an otherworldly experience. As I lay on the heated marble
slab in the middle of the steam room, I was looking up into a dome
dotted with easter egg colored hexagonal windows. The voices of the
other women floated up and melted into a sea of pure tone.

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