Wow. I just skimmed this recipe and decided to save it to try later, and then realized, wait a minute, that was in German. It’s so exciting to me that I’ve reached a point where I can (and do!) read a German language article on my facebook feed and barely even notice. It suddenly doesn’t take any effort. And I just happened to have learned all the vocabulary one needs to understand a gluten-free superfoods bread recipe.

All along in my German-learning process, I’ve noticed these thresholds, where things change. This one feels big, though. The effort level shifted. I’m between B2 and C1 right now, exactly the level where it’s supposed to become somewhat natural and comfortable. I hope this means I’ll be able to write more. In this past year of living in Berlin, I’ve noticed that people seem to have a limited capacity for how much language work they can do in a day. The people I know who have to read or write a lot in English or another non-German language learn much less German. They simply don’t seem to have the capacity to do so much language work in their native tongue while simultaneously learning a new language. I’ve prioritized learning German, and found that I have very limited energy for writing in English. Even when I have overall energy, it’s been as if my language tank is empty.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my thumbs pressed that this newfound ease means I’ll be able to write more. And that this bread turns out well.

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