early January, or the feast of Saint Bowie

It’s a weird time of year, the first couple weeks. A sort of dead time in the societal social calendar, between things, when nothing is scheduled but work. Time to get back to work. My second winter here in Berlin, I wanted to play it right, make the most of the moment, squeeze out the best of its potentials. Relax and socialize a lot during the holidays, not work much, build up a head of dreams and ambitions, and then catapult through the cold, dark, lonely time to emerge into spring with an enormous amount of work done, in a good groove.

But first, to prepare. I began following along The Artist’s Way in early December, and focused on fully enjoying the holidays and embracing winter. We went to Stockholm to bring in the New Year! Blustery and crystalline. Reflect on the previous year. Plan for the year ahead.

And now I am buckled down, hunched over projects, cozy in my apartment, glad for the time to focus. I’ve got my list of classes I’ve taught done. An important step. Busy, busy mode. Resorting the things in my cave. Going through stacks. Everybody’s holed up doing their projects, during this wonderful season to focus, make, do, create.

And then suddenly it becomes the feast of Saint Bowie. As I was already revving my creative force up to full speed, really getting on a roll, his blast of kaleidoscopic, workaholic inspiration hit me as well, urging me on to unfold in whatever way I wanted, to focus, explore, celebrate, create, to glory in infinite possibility and tell the whole world about it.

In that spirit, I dug out my DVD’s and finally got an episode of retroconvolution up on youtube. My ambient television show from the mid 90’s, a conceptual rebellion. I always thought it would make good background in a dance club. Maybe it can find a second life here in Berlin, just as I have. Just as David Bowie did.

What a gift he gave us – a new holiday! This precious, wonderful season to focus on creative projects now has a patron saint to inspire it.

Back to work!

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