When I started my last blog, I listed my intentions. It helped me frame what I was doing, and it also made it clear when I had changed so much that my intentions had shifted. There is some overlap, but my intentions in having a blog are different now. Before I had a list, now I have this image:

The web of life is tattered and torn. I’ve got to help weave it back together. I am a node in the network. Strands of knowledge, wisdom, tradition, emotion link to me from many directions. I process, synthesize, reformulate. If I don’t reach out my own strands, I become a bloated obstruction in the web. It becomes painful and I feel stuck. I must extend myself out to bridge the rifts – not to reweave the old pattern, but to create something new. This is a new and exciting time, unlike any other, yet exactly the same as always. The forces that tear at the fabric of life are many and mighty. We’ve got to build our connections strong and clever. My intention with this blog is to act as an active conduit, channeling and transforming the ideas that will make the web sturdy in the years to come. This blog is an act of hope and love, a balm to ease despair, yours and mine. Our world is sick, but healing is possible.

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