healthier than before

Q: Are you healthier than you were before you started all
this natural healing stuff?
A: My immediate answer was “Yes! I used to have eczema on my
hands so bad I had to quit my job at a plant nursery. And I weighed 50 pounds
more than I do now.” Both of those things are true, and they are the biggest
As I’ve thought about it more, though, it’s incredible all
the minor troubles I used to take for granted. It’s taken me a while to remember what my life used to be like. I
used to have acne, menstrual cramps, frequent diarrhea, joint pains, and
headaches all the freaking time. And insomnia! Wow, yeah. The first herbal
preparation I made was a valerian tincture, because I was trying to save money.
I used to buy a bottle of it every week just to get to sleep! I sleep well now,
usually. Probably the biggest change in my quality of life, though, has been to
my mood and emotions. My mood is much less variable than it used to be, I’m not
so consumed by cravings and compulsions, and my “mean streak” is pretty much
gone. These days, my big health concerns are a little bit of dandruff and
occasional hangnails and chapped lips. I do still get colds and flus, but they
seem to be a milder version than what the people around me get.

It’s so easy to forget old health problems. Working in the
healing arts, it’s common to be judged based on how healthy one seems. The
thing is, many of us were drawn to the field precisely because we had so many
problems. It can seem as if “it’s not working” because someone still has some
problems. What’s important to consider, though, is how unhealthy they were
before. And sometimes someone has come so far that they can barely remember
where they came from. I’m so glad you asked this question. Thank you for giving
me a reason to review!

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