Something I love about herbalism: no matter how much I
learn, there is always another phenomenally effective home remedy hiding in
plain sight. I was getting ready for a trip to the Rhineland, looking forward
to making my pilgrimage to the abbey of Hildegard von Bingen, and I noticed
that I had a stye coming on. My heart sank. I’ve had these before. I know how
this goes. It starts like a little zit on my inner eyelid, then it swells up
and I look like a monster and it takes days of intensive eye washes and internal
herb formulas to get it to go away. It’s painful and embarrassing and it’s
going to ruin my trip.
I’ve been doing a lot of guided meditations lately. On that
day I did one I found on youtube: a journey to a healing temple in Atlantis.
Fun. The dolphins accompanied me to a bed of seaweed, where mermaids performed
some healing ritual over me. And then Flax came to me, huge and insistent, all
up in my face. I’ve never had a plant approach me in such a forceful way. “You
need me in your life.” Ok, then.
I remembered I had heard of putting a flax seed on the
eyeball, so I looked it up on the internet and found this wonderful video.

I tried it and was amazed by the results. It was something
of a challenge to actually get the flax seed into my eye. I had to use
tweezers. Almost immediately, the scratchy pain I had felt was eliminated. The
weird slimey stuff that oozes from flax seeds when they get wet was a soothing
balm for my eye. After several hours, the seed had soaked up most of the swelling.
I rubbed my eye and the seed popped out. I replaced it and went to sleep with
the seed in my eye. By morning, the seed had popped out and I put another one
in. That one only stayed in for an hour or so and by then the stye was
completely gone. So fast, so easy, so painless.

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