The Cult of the Obvious

A wonderful late summer evening on the porch, beers in hand,
a friend and I chatted late into the night. I don’t remember what I’d said, but
it cracked her up. One of those things that’s obvious, but that you aren’t
supposed to say. “Well, I AM the high priestess of the Cult of the Obvious!” I
said. Her eyes got big. “You really are, aren’t you?”
“Are you joking?” Well, the nature of reality is hilarious.
Everything is hiding in plain sight.
I worked at a pagan shop for several years and I noticed one
of the many ways to break everyone down into “two kinds of people”. There are
those who are interested in the secret, arcane, hidden magic. And there are
those who see wonder in what is right in front of them. Magic’s not far away
for me. It’s here and here and here. It’s loosening the grip of false
consciousness. It’s letting go of the lies you’ve been told, squeegeeing the
third eye.
When I was in high school, going to doctors, I remember
being told “what you eat has nothing to do with acne” and “when someone has
mono, there’s nothing to be done but wait” and I KNEW these things were wrong.
I remember being told in science class that children don’t start to develop
sexual desire until they are about 13. Am I the weirdo? No, it turns out everyone
I ask says they had sexuality when they were quite young, too. Over and over,
the cultural myth does not match the reality. We are constantly being
gaslighted by society – made to feel crazy, alienated from ourselves, taught
that our own perceptions are wrong. Most people have had some kind of mystical
experience – seen a ghost, had a premonition – but we are told that these
things aren’t real, that we are crazy if we experience them.
Yes, it started as a joke, but it summarized so neatly
something I’ve long felt about myself, so it stuck. It never stopped feeling
right. My job is to shine a light on what is right in front of you. This is why
my favorite medicines are water, honey, cinnamon, garlic, chamomile, lavender,
sleep. Too obvious? Not obvious enough? Why always searching for new and
improved? That’s the sickness.

My mantra is “duh”.

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