At some point most gardeners realize they’ve planted a
long-lived perennial in the wrong place. So what do you do? Prune it back, dig
it up, and move it. It’ll look dormant above ground for a while – maybe even a
full growing season – while it works on its roots. If it’s in a better spot,
though, it’ll come back strong and be better off than it was before.
That’s exactly how I feel right now. In 2014, I sold my
house, pruned back my possessions, and transplanted myself to Berlin. I spent
an entire growing season in apparent dormancy while I worked on my roots. Now I
can speak and read German, more or less, and feel established in my new home.
All spring I felt a sort of push/pull that I imagine must be
how a plant feels as it buds. A tension was building inside me. I could feel
myself wanting to get back into the world, but at the same time I was holding
back, not quite ready yet.

Then, all in a rush, I bloomed forth and quickly began to set
fruit. Marketing stopped feeling like less like an onerous chore and more like an opportunity to send out a beacon, to connect with people who share the desire to make the world a healthier, happier, more nurturing place. In that spirit, I’ve made a website, a meet up group and gotten a practice space. I’ve
got marketing materials and chair massage gigs. Now I’m tying it all together
with that most basic of marketing tools: an email newsletter.

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