Thank You, Negative Mind

Here’s one of the handiest mental tricks I’ve ever learned.

I was taking an Introduction to Kundalini Yoga class. In one
session we learned about the 12 bodies. Three of them were mind-bodies. They were
the positive mind, the neutral mind and the negative mind. Each of the three could
be excess, deficient or in correct proportion.

  • Somebody with excess positive
    mind sees opportunities and possibilities everywhere, even when they aren’t there. Someone with deficient positive mind
    can’t see opportunities that are right in front of them.
  • Someone with excess negative mind is too focused on dangers and threats. Someone with deficient negative mind doesn’t perceive real
    risks and can be endangered as a result.
  • Someone with excess neutral mind is too preoccupied with measuring and evaluating to act. Someone with deficient neutral
    mind acts without properly evaluating the situation.

A person who has the three
mind bodies operating in balance and harmony can accurately perceive
opportunities and risks and can evaluate, plan well and take action accordingly.

Suddenly the value of the negative mind became clear within
that context. I was already suspicious of the idea that negative is always
negative. This framework gave me a great way to understand the importance of the
negative. I had already come to believe that gratitude can ease most anything (even when it requires a little bit of lying-to-self.) Combining that idea with the insight I learned from this class, I learned to be grateful for my negative mind.

“Thank you, negative mind, for looking out for me. You are a vigilant
protector, scanning for risks and threats. I appreciate that you are taking
care of me. Right now, I am safe. It is time for you to take a break and relax
after all that hard work you did on my behalf. Thank you, thank you, negative

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