Herbalism Foundation Series

These six herbalism classes will empower you with the knowledge to use herbs for wellness more effectively and with confidence. They can be taken as a series or you can attend individual classes.

Understanding Herbs
What does the taste of an herb tell us about how it will act in the body? We’ll do a tea tasting meditation to explore this question. We’ll also learn herbal terminology and what herbalists call herbal “actions”. You’ll leave this class able to read herbal texts with greater comprehension and able to learn about herbs by interacting with them directly.

A wellness oriented approach doesn’t fight disease, it supports healthy function. Each of the following systems-based classes is divided into two parts. In the first half, we learn about the parts of the system, how it functions when it is healthy and some of the common things that happen when things go wrong. In the second half, we explore herbs and other low-tech, accessible modalities that you can use to support each system.

* Herbs for the Nervous System – Air
* Herbs for the Digestive System – Fire
* Herbs for the Circulatory System – Water
* Herbs for the Musculoskeletal System – Earth

Herbal Formulation
This is the class where we put it all together. Even after many years of study, people often find combining herbs intimidating. In this class we’ll learn principles of formulation so that you can take your knowledge of individual herbs to the next level and blend them with confidence. We’ll practice by blending essential oils to make our own aroma spritzers.