Massage does not need to be painful to be effective!

My style is pleasant, gentle and allows deep shifts to happen. Expect to notice sensations you have not felt before and to leave with a new feeling of openness and lightness. It can sometimes take a couple days afterwards to get used to the changes as you explore new possibilities of movement and posture.

Here are some things previous clients have said:

“Anne Merrill’s massages are the absolute finest. She combines her impressive knowledge of the human body with her intuitive healing ability. The result is this: she provides the best massage for each client that comes to her. I recommend her without reservation.”

Madeline Brock
Licensed Massage Therapist
Massage Therapy Instructor

“I loved my massage by Anne! She’s extremely intuitive, and I left feeling loose and refreshed.”

Pierre Choucroun

“I once joked with Anne that she has “witchy hands.” What I meant by that was that when she is working on me, I can feel the sensitivity with which she touches my body, and I also mean that her touch is alchemical–it has the power to transform. I have had many hundreds, if not thousands, of massages in my life. I count those I had with Anne as among the most healing. She draws on an array of traditions and tailors her touch to one’s particular circumstances. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Shaka McGlotten, PhD

“Anne recently gave me my first myofascial massage, and it was wonderful. I’m now converted to that type of massage – and to Anne’s doing it. 

Claudia Tessier
American Women’s Club of Berlin member

€60 per 60 minute table massage session
or €90 for 90 minutes

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