youtube: Rare Herbs

I managed to make an iMovie video that is the right length for the audio! Musings about rare herbs, garnished with some photos I took of sandalwood. Thank you for your patience as I learn the technical side. I think I may buy a microphone…

my interview on “Herbal Knowledge Keepers”

Herbal knowledge keeper, indeed! D’Coda is an exceptional herbalist. She lived alone in the woods for a full decade, where she became fluent in the language of the forest. I love that she sees parallels between the “world wide web” and the networked relationships that make up a thriving forest ecosystem. We met at the […]

The Cult of the Obvious

A wonderful late summer evening on the porch, beers in hand, a friend and I chatted late into the night. I don’t remember what I’d said, but it cracked her up. One of those things that’s obvious, but that you aren’t supposed to say. “Well, I AM the high priestess of the Cult of the […]