resource: Diamond G Forest Products

I just heard about this company, Diamond G Forest Products. If I were still in the US, I’m sure I’d order from them at some point. They make pine products like rosin, gum, turpentine, turpentine soap, even salve! Looks like they are good small producers, focused on quality and being decent humans. Look at this […]


This growing season three friends and I shared a plot at a community garden, and not just any community garden, but Bauerngarten – a brilliant, amazing, dream-come-true community garden. The genius behind this project is a young man named Max. I want to share his model with the world because I think it is so […]

soft foods

Q: What should I eat after oral surgery? They are saying I’ll need to be on a soft foods diet for a while. Any ideas? A: This is actually the topic that inspired me to start this blog. I had orthognathic surgery (a type of oral surgery where they cut my jaw bones in several […]

my local bio farmer’s market

Wow, I finally made it to the Kollwitzplatz Farmers Market, the oldest all-organic market in Berlin. I felt too shy about my German to talk to the large, hearty herbalist who was sharing shots of her homemade Schnapps with her neighboring vendors. Maybe next time. I bought delicious heirloom white carrots, wonderful with butter and […]