resource: Diamond G Forest Products

I just heard about this company, Diamond G Forest Products. If I were still in the US, I’m sure I’d order from them at some point. They make pine products like rosin, gum, turpentine, turpentine soap, even salve! Looks like they are good small producers, focused on quality and being decent humans. Look at this […]

photo album: Form Follows Flower

Here’s a photo album from a recent visit to the “Form Follows Flower” exhibit currently running at the Kunstgewerbemuseum here in Berlin.

youtube: Rare Herbs

I managed to make an iMovie video that is the right length for the audio! Musings about rare herbs, garnished with some photos I took of sandalwood. Thank you for your patience as I learn the technical side. I think I may buy a microphone…

my interview on “Herbal Knowledge Keepers”

Herbal knowledge keeper, indeed! D’Coda is an exceptional herbalist. She lived alone in the woods for a full decade, where she became fluent in the language of the forest. I love that she sees parallels between the “world wide web” and the networked relationships that make up a thriving forest ecosystem. We met at the […]

A visit to the Rhineland

I spent a weekend in Mittelrheintal, a region of vineyards and castles, wine and tourists. I went to the history museum in Bingen to check out the St. Hildegard exhibit and it turned out they also have the grave goods from a 2nd century surgeon. Really interesting stuff. I’ve posted my photo album here. The […]

the holiday season in Berlin

I’ve never been particularly Grinchy, but I’ve also never really gotten caught up in the winter holidays much, either. People kept telling me how much I was going to love the season in Berlin, though, and sure enough. I’m also starting to understand something that didn’t make sense to me for years of living in […]

25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall

It’s the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and I’d like to write about what being here for that has meant for me. I’ve been a little blocked, though, because I was trying to get it all into one post. It’s just all too much. I decided to start over, take the […]

my new books

This week I made it to Dussmann, an enormous book and music store here in Berlin. They have an entire English bookstore inside the larger store. I got both English and German versions of Maria Treben’s “Health from God’s Apothecary”. My first German-language book! It’ll be a long project to work my way through it. […]

sitting at the feet of Dr. Lad

Today a student in my German class asked if I knew a little about Ayurveda. I said I did and found myself telling her about when I went to Albuquerque to take a workshop taught by Dr. Vasant Lad. On my walk home afterwards I reflected on the conversation, intrigued by how the experience has […]


Hazel is the plant that has most enthusiastically welcomed me to Europe. In my first days in Berlin, I took this photo and posted it on Facebook, asking if anyone knew what it was. I quickly figured out for myself that it is Turkish Hazel: Corylus colurna. It’s a fairly common street tree here in […]