there is no such thing as “good for you”

Q: Is (a particular food) good for you? A: Argh. I know you are asking a quick yes/no question, but I can’t answer in good conscience with anything but an essay. First off, the whole question of whether something is good for you is about the relationship between you and the thing. Goodness does not […]

on the other hand

One of my favorite things about studying other languages is coming across words that don’t translate neatly and directly. I’m fascinated by the fact that people who speak different languages approach the world with such different tools for making sense of it. Sometimes I find a word or phrase that works so much better in […]

the most important thing

I’ve had some interesting conversations lately, some with long-lost friends and some with fresh acquaintances. Both require a sort of quick self-summary from me. When I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a blog about healing I’m surprised how interested people are. They want to know what I’m trying to say here. It amazes me how […]

medicine is culture

Like music, like language, like cuisine, medicine is a manifestation of human culture. Just as there is no right breakfast nor the right sad song to bring you solace on a lonely night nor a right language to use to say “I love you”, there is no one right way to practice the healing arts. […]