photo album: Form Follows Flower

Here’s a photo album from a recent visit to the “Form Follows Flower” exhibit currently running at the Kunstgewerbemuseum here in Berlin.

my interview on “Herbal Knowledge Keepers”

Herbal knowledge keeper, indeed! D’Coda is an exceptional herbalist. She lived alone in the woods for a full decade, where she became fluent in the language of the forest. I love that she sees parallels between the “world wide web” and the networked relationships that make up a thriving forest ecosystem. We met at the […]

beeswax food wraps

This tickles me! I’ve barely got time to cook right now, much less make my own biodegradable saranwrap from muslin and beeswax. Maybe someday. But I guess this recipe (instructions?) answers a half-asked question. It helps me imagine cooking in an earlier time in finer detail, before plastic, before electricity, before timers, before recipes on […]