Yoga Nidra

When I’m tired and when I’m not sleeping well, my favorite remedy is yoga nidra, usually in the afternoon. It feels like super napping. I arrange a nest for myself of blankets and pillows, preparing to stay entirely still in a supremely comfortable position. I find a recording on youtube or choose one from the […]

Connective Tissue Healing

Q: I found out I have degeneration in my knee caps. I have full thickness fissures in my left patella. Anything you recommend for pain, inflammation, irritation in joints or regrowing/strengthening bone/cartilage? A: What a juicy question! I can use it to demonstrate so many points! I know this answer is sort of long and […]

general principles

Many years ago I was flipping through a magazine (I honestly can’t remember if it was a fashion magazine or Playboy or Parade or what) and there were short bios of a few women – a photo, a name, a hometown, some likes, some dislikes and a motto. I remember wondering how one comes to […]


Q: I’ve gotten really inflexible in the past few years. What can I do to become more limber again? A: The first thing I’d look at is making sure that your tissues are warm and moist enough. Are you getting exercise intense enough to warm your body up and get the fluids flowing? Are you […]

Milk Thistle Seed

I’ve been taking milk thistle seed for several weeks now. Thumbs up. It’s been one of those herbs I’ve felt I’ve taken on faith. I’ve consumed plenty of it, recommended it to other people, but was never certain I’d actually FELT its effects. I was studying my notes for the many iterations I’ve taken of […]

the art of the pour

At herb school once, Michael had demonstrated making some herbal preparation (Hayden’s Viburnum Compound, maybe?) and was pouring it into little bottles for us. A very enthusiastic student, who always sat right up front, looked on with rapt attention and, bubbling over, exclaimed “I had heard that you were amazing at pouring!” He scowled his […]

the remembering problem

I put the herbs in the teapot on autopilot, then stopped and thought “wait a minute, what was this blend to treat?” I checked and realized that problem is gone. (By the way, rooibos as a simple really seems to have stopped an eczema flare for me, interesting…) And this happens all the time. I […]

how to not mind the cold so much

18 winters in Austin, and I was moving to Berlin. “But how will you endure the winter?” everyone asked. Before Austin, I spent a traumatic winter in Minneapolis, the worst cold snap on record. For 3 weeks straight, the temperature (with windchill, but that’s how it feels) stayed below 30 degrees below zero. Celsius or […]

sitting at the feet of Dr. Lad

Today a student in my German class asked if I knew a little about Ayurveda. I said I did and found myself telling her about when I went to Albuquerque to take a workshop taught by Dr. Vasant Lad. On my walk home afterwards I reflected on the conversation, intrigued by how the experience has […]

red pepper

I’ve been getting to be closer friends with red pepper in the previous month. It’s like one of those people you see around all the time, maybe chat with now and again, but don’t take the time to really sit down with and get to know. It’s been on my list ever since I went […]