Who Are We?

Roses are love, rabbits are fertility, but what are we? We get so caught up on the differences between us. These people are like this, those people are like that. But what if you look at us all together as one? What are we? What do WE symbolize? My teacher, Michael Moore, told a story. […]

London and Barcelona/Midi-Pyréneés Photos

I went to London recently and just put up a photo album from the trip. I was all set to write a little post about the cultural similarities (besides English) that make London feel more like the States than like Germany and how I’ve had conversations with other Americans about this and so forth. But […]

25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall

It’s the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and I’d like to write about what being here for that has meant for me. I’ve been a little blocked, though, because I was trying to get it all into one post. It’s just all too much. I decided to start over, take the […]

demoralized, hooray!

I had a dream that I was at an herbal event, in a barn packed to the rafters with eager female faces. I was on the schedule to speak, but instead a woman was lecturing about the various chemotypes of mint essential oils and passing around samples to sniff. I interrupted her to say that […]